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Browns vs Chargers: A Recap

The official who made a critical call.

The Cleveland Browns fell to the Los Angeles Chargers in an epic shootout last Sunday. But the Chargers got significant help from the officiating crew.

In short, the Browns fans believe a bad call most likely cost them the game.

Thus, by request, Mindglimpse analyzed the micro-expressions of the official making that critical call.

Findings suggest that this NFL official maintains a high internal state of intensity and passion.

Micro-expression analysis suggests this individual is confident in their abilities and uses fear to accelerate decision-making.

Also, deep analysis suggests high cognitive ability, and if they make a mistake, they will use exaggeration, omission, or restructure events to support all personal decisions.

Yet, this image scores high on self-awareness and confidence.

All indications suggest that this is a conventional and well-adjusted individual who would be hesitant to admit if he did make a bad call.

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