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Browns vs. Chiefs [Outcome]

Browns at Kansas City

Last week the Browns played an away game in Kansas City.

According to the Micro-expression analysis, as provided by Mindglimpse the week before, the Browns were a five-and-a-half-point underdog.

Game outcomes suggest that the micro-expression analysis and prediction were successful, given that the final score was Cleveland 29 – Kansas City 33.

Recall how Mindglimpse suggested holding Travis Kelce in check for the Browns to win over the Chiefs.

The Browns in this game failed to restrict the play of Travis Kelce. 

In the end, Micro-expression analysis for week one in the NFL and in particular for the Browns appeared to have relevance.

Further testing will take place this NFL season.

However, as a final point, if you would have taken the Browns and the Vegas 6 points, given Mindglimpse predicted a five and a half point spot – you would be a winner. 

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