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Cincinnati Bengals vs Cleveland Browns

Bengals vs Browns
QB Psychological Comparison

The Bengals are playing at home this week against the Browns.

According to the artificial intelligence program of Mindglimpse.com, micro-expression analysis indicates the Browns are coming into this game with more hunger to win.

Likewise, micro-expression analysis finds the Browns QB scores higher on an internal drive, focus, desire, game preparation, and strategy than the Bengals QB.

Yet, micro-expression analysis indicates the Bengals QB scores significantly higher on self-confidence than the Browns QB.

For a complete psychological breakdown, visit mindglimpse.com and read the blog.

Vegas is giving the Browns 3 points.

But according to micro-expression analysis, this is a toss-up game.  

However, data indicates that the Browns win over 65% of the time, coming off a loss.

Thus, if one were to bet on this game, micro-expression analysis suggests that the Bengals may win, but the Browns will beat the Vegas spread.

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