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Cleveland Browns vs. Chicago Bears

Browns vs. Bears

The Browns are playing at home this week against the Chicago Bears.

According to the artificial intelligence program of Mindglimpse, the Bears have two unique assessment ratings given the micro-expression agreement among the players.

These two unique assessments depend on the starting quarterback.

Micro-expression analysis suggests that Andy Dalton would rely on team dynamics first, followed by individual skills; whereas, Justin Fields will depend on unique skills first, followed by team dynamics.

Overall, the Bears are starting Justin Fields, and micro-expression analysis indicates this player tends to miss the little things in a game.

In addition, the micro-expression analysis suggests the Bears, in general, tend to forego patience and go for it all when frustrated or feeling desperate.

The Bears, as a team, scores significantly high on self-doubt, regardless of starting quarterback.

The Cleveland Browns have a high and stable micro-expression score on team dynamics. In short, the Browns analysis indicates a balanced approach to game planning and execution.

Individual skills for the Browns will be less of a focus than the team dynamics on both sides of the ball.

However, the Browns micro-expressions suggest that they score high on both discontent and self-absorbed thought. Likewise, artificial intelligence results find the Browns are placing a lot of pressure on each player to perform this week.

In the end, the Vegas line is the Browns should win this game by six and a half points.

Micro-expression analysis by Mindglimpse is predicting a Browns win by twelve and a half points.

Thus, if one were to bet on this game, micro-expression analysis suggests the Browns will beat both the Bears and the spot.

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