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Cleveland Browns Vs. Houston Texans

Browns Vs. Texans

The Browns are playing at home against the Houston Texans.

According to Micro-expression analysis, the Houston Texans congruency rating is conceptually a D plus or C minus.

This conceptual rating means that the Houston Texans are not conceptually on the same page.

As a result, this incongruency will hurt the Texans both on offense and defense.

The Texans score high on denial of problems, as well as minimizing or rationalizing shortcomings.

The Texans won their first game but will be an underdog against the Cleveland Browns.

Vegas is giving the Texans 13 points in this game; however, micro-expression analysis suggests that the Cleveland Browns will win by 17 points.

There are no critical points that stand out for the Houston Texans to win this game outright.

However, for the Browns, they score at the B to B plus range in terms of congruency.

Meaning the Browns all have a unified mission.

Interestingly, the Browns micro-expression analysis suggests that Nick Chubb will have an outstanding game.

In short, a good bet is on the Browns to cover the Vegas line.  

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