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Dallas Cowboys vs Kansas City Chiefs

Cowboys vs. Chiefs
Mahomes vs. Prescot

The Cowboys are playing away this week against the Chiefs.

According to the artificial intelligence program of Mindglimpse.com. micro-expression analysis indicates the Cowboys are coming into this game with 30% more focus than the Chiefs.

Likewise, micro-expressions find that the Cowboys Quarterback scores higher on the desire to win, game preparation, strategy, internal drive, and focus than the Chiefs Quarterback.

Yet, micro-expression analysis indicates the Chiefs Quarterback scores higher on self-confidence and game intensity.

As a result, Vegas is giving the Cowboys 2 ½ points.

However, the Cowboys this season follow a win with another win over 80% of the time.  

The Cowboys win as an underdog over 65 percent of the time.

Whereas the Chiefs win 60 percent of their home games when favored.

Thus, if one were to bet on this game, micro-expression analysis suggests taking the Vegas points. The Cowboys will win, but it will be a close game.

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