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MAC Basketball Tournament 2022: Cleveland

Mindglimpse Predicted Game Outcomes

MAC Basketball Tournament 2022: Cleveland Ohio

This week starts the MAC Tournament.

As an overview of what you can expect, Mindglimpse offers an in-depth analysis.  

For example, Mindglimpse analysis indicates Toledo will win their game outright; Central Michigan does not have the team makeup or chemistry to beat Toledo.

Buffalo has the advantage in this game; Mindglimpse finds Akron must have five more defensive rebounds and four more steals than Buffalo to win this game.

Mindglimpse finds the number 2 ranked Kent state will have difficulty with the 7th ranked Miami. Kent State can win this game only if they shoot a better 3-point percentage than Miami.

Analysis indicates number 3 ranked Ohio will have difficulty with 6th ranked Ball State. This game is a bad match-up for Ohio. Ohio can win this game, but only if they have a better 3-point percentage and control the defensive boards. 

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MAC Basketball Tournament: Audio Podcast

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