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MindGlimpse: Cowboys vs. 49ers 2023

MindGlimpse: Game of the week

In the NFL this week, the Cowboys are the visiting team playing the 49ers at home.

Micro-expression analysis indicates the 49ers will win this game by 2 points.

Vegas is giving the Cowboys 3 ½ points.

Take the points!

Further study suggests the total points in this game to approach 60.

Vegas has the over-under at 45 points.

Take the over!

In brief, Mindglimpse recommends that if one wagers on this game, consider the point spread and total over-under line coming out of Vegas.

Also, pay close attention to the graphic breakdown highlighting the micro-expression analysis assessments of the Cowboys and 49ers and corresponding starting quarterbacks.

As always, you may wish to weigh the QB’s psychological profiles.

Dak has more confidence, but Brock scores higher on game intensity, strategy, and preparation.

Enjoy the game and tell your friends about Mindglimpse.com.

Podcast: Cowboys vs. 49ers – October 8, 2023

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