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NCAA Basketball March 2, 2024: Baylor vs Kansas

In this week’s NCAA basketball game, Baylor is the visiting team playing Kansas at home.

Mindglimpse analysis has Kansas winning the game by 3.

Vegas has Baylor getting 5.5 points.

Take the points!

Further statistical investigation finds that the predicted point total in this game is 166.

Vegas set the over-under at 149.5.

Game Total Points

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According to deep analysis, the chart breakdown highlights the predicted differences in game outcomes according to field goals, assists, free throws, and three-point percentages in this game.

Teams Comparison Breakdown

Kansas will have a better shot percentage on Free Throws, Assists, and Field Goals, but not on their Three-point attempts. Baylor will have a higher success percentage at the Three-Point attempts.

Mindglimpse finds Baylor will have higher game intensity and focus, but Kansas will win the game 85 – 81.

Game Intensity and Focus

Predicted Final Score

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Podcast: NCAA Basketball: Baylor vs Kansas.

Audio File.

Coming soon will be NBA matchups and the much-anticipated March Madness!


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