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Cleveland Browns vs Arizona Cardinals

Browns vs. Cardinals

The Cleveland Browns are playing at home this week against the Arizona Cardinals.

According to the artificial intelligence program of Mindglimpse.com, micro-expression analysis indicates the Cardinals tend to go more with the game flow than following a strategic plan. 

As a result, the Cardinals have trouble sustaining cohesive play-calling and tend to respond to situational events.

Whereas the Cleveland Browns employ and lean more on offensive and defensive strategy.

Likewise, micro-expression analysis finds that the Browns play with more on-field anger and passion than the Cardinals.

Thus, micro-expression analysis indicates that the Browns are self-confident in both game preparation and responding with intensity on the game field. 

Vegas is giving the Cardinals 3 points in this game.

However, according to micro-expression analysis, the Browns will cover the spread.

Thus, if one were to bet on this game, micro-expression analysis suggests the Browns will beat both the Cardinals and the Vegas spread.

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