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NFL. Most Requested Games: Week 14

QB Comparisons
Steelers vs Vikings: QB Analysis
Steeler vs Vikings: Team Analysis
Chiefs vs Raiders: QB Analysis
Chiefs vs Raiders: Team Analysis
Saints vs Jets: QB Analysis
Saints vs Jets: Team Analysis
Bengals vs 49ERS: QB Analysis
Bengals vs 49ERS: Team Analysis

The Steelers are playing away this week against the Vikings.

Vegas is giving the Steelers 4 points.

According to the artificial intelligence program of Mindglimpse.com, Micro-expression analysis indicates that the Vikings will win and cover the Vegas line. 

The Chiefs are playing the Raiders at home this week, and Vegas is giving the Raiders 10 points. Micro-expression analysis finds that the Raiders will win this game with the spot.

The Saints are playing away this week against the Jets. Vegas is giving the Saints 10-points. Yet, micro-expression analysis finds the Saints winning this game with the Vegas spread.

The 49ERS are playing away this week against the Bengals. Vegas is giving the 49ERS 2 ½ points. Micro-expression analysis finds the 49ERS winning with the Vegas 2 ½ points.

In the end, if one were to bet on these games, micro-expression analysis suggests taking the Vikings, Raiders, Saints, and 49ERS.

For further analysis of the starting quarterbacks, go to Mindglimpse.com for a detailed graphic report.

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