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Ohio U.S. Senate Race: Tim Ryan vs. J.D. Vance

Mindglimpse Micro-Expression Analysis


MindGlimpse is an Artificial Intelligence tool that analyzes the micro facial expressions of people given representative images. This analysis reveals their primary personality traits and cognitive and emotional states.

This analysis is a descriptive measure.

This week, there the most requested analysis focused on the personality profile of J.D. Vance and Tim Ryan. Vance and Ryan are political opponents running for the U.S. Senate.

Micro expression analysis suggests that Ryan and Vance share 62% of the same cognitive, emotional, and typology makeup. 

However, the differences are:

Ryan. Primary Typology. Driven by fear and worry. Imagination with compassion. Looking for perfect solutions. An idealist. Prone to burnout. An excessive amount of fear or anxiety. Little confidence in others. He wants to make a difference in the community. Existential anxiety. Conflict or criticism does not bother him.

Vance. Primary Typology. Driven by intensity and anger. Imaginative when solving practical things. Energetic. Confident in abilities. Blunt in all manner of expression. Difficult to get to know. Bored quickly—a high internal state of intensity and passion. Possess social skills. Pragmatic and data-driven. Tends to hold beliefs steadfast. Interested in optimizing, building, or fostering growth.

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Typology: Detailed Breakdown

Cognitive State

Emotional Assessment

Social Presence

Defensive Mechanism

How They Will Hide the Truth

Audio Podcast: Tim Ryan vs. J.D. Vance

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