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Pittsburgh Steelers vs Cleveland Browns

Monday Night Game
Starting QBs
Typology Comparision: Starting QBs
Team Analysis

The Steelers are playing at home, but Vegas gives the Steelers 3 points in this game.

Micro-expressions indicate that the quarterback of the Steelers has better game preparation; yet, Brown’s quarterback scores higher on game strategy.  

Likewise, from image analysis, it appears the Steeler quarterback is going into this game worried, impulsive, with a tendency for rapidly shifting emotions, and prone to game sensation seeking. In contrast, Brown’s quarterback scores significantly lower on all these emotional states.

According to the artificial intelligence program of Mindglimpse.com, Micro-expression analysis indicates the Browns will win this game outright but will not beat the Vegas Line.

If one were to bet on this game, take the Browns in a parlay or the Steelers with 3 points.

For further analysis of the starting quarterbacks, go to Mindglimpse.com for a detailed graphic report.

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