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Super Bowl Prop Bets = House on the Lake

Prop Bets: Super Bowl

Top Super Bowl Prop Bets

Mindglimpse can forecast specific Prop bets. In short, these bets are a wager on a game not directly tied to the game’s actual outcome.

However, some props have to do directly with a game as a whole, but most popular props revolve around the accomplishments of individual players.

As such, Vegas puts the over-under at 48.5 points; Mindglimpse predicts the total points in the Super Bowl to be 52.

Mindglimpse finds the odds of Cooper Kupp scoring the first touchdown to be 97.5%.

The odds of the LA Rams scoring first is 90%.

There is a 97.5 percent chance that the Super Bowl final score difference will be less than 6 points.

Vegas is predicting Joe Burrow over-under passing yards is 276.5 yards; Mindglimpse finds that Burrow will go over.

Likewise, Vegas predicts Matthew Stafford’s over-under passing yards is 279.5 yards; Mindglimpse finds that Stafford will go over.

Enjoy the game and remember Mindglimpse is not encouraging betting, but if one wishes to wager, you have some information at your disposal.

NFL Super Bowl: Prop Bets

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