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Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Buffalo Bills

Bills vs Bucs’
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QB Comparision
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The Bills are playing away this week against the Buccaneers.

According to the artificial intelligence program of Mindglimpse.com, Micro-expression analysis indicates the Buccaneers are coming into this game 80% more prepared than the Bills.

Likewise, micro-expression analysis finds the Buc’s quarterback to have a better overall psychological state of mind for this game.

However, micro-expression analysis indicates that the quarterback for the Bills has high confidence in his ability.

Vegas is giving the Bills 3 points.

Yet, micro-expression analysis suggests the Bucs have a significant edge in this game because of their home-field advantage.

In the end, if one were to bet on this game, micro-expression analysis suggests taking the Buc’s and giving the Vegas points. The Bucs will win outright, but this game is statistically a toss-up.

For further analysis of the starting quarterbacks and team dynamics, always go to Mindglimpse.com for a detailed graphic report.

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