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UFC Fight Night

Brian Ortega vs. Yair Rodriguez

Saturday, July 16, 2022                

The main event finds #2 Brian Ortega will square off against #3 Yair Rodriguez. This event is a UFC featherweight bout.

Mindglimpse compared the micro-expressions of each fighter and found that Rodriguez has more conviction in this fight; however, Ortega has greater ring confidence.

Vegas has Ortega as the favorite to win this fight. Likewise, Mindglimpse finds that the odds of Ortega winning this fight is 62%, whereas the chances of Rodriguez coming out the victor is 38%.  

From micro-expression analysis, it appears that Rodriguez scores significantly higher on emotional outbursts, such as anger; thus, this uncontrolled and impulsive behavior will most likely cost him the fight.

So, if you have time and money to kill, the safe money is on Ortega.

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Podcast: UFC Fight Night, Brian Ortega vs. Yair Rodriguez

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