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USFL Championship: 2022


This weekend the USFL is hosting its first Championship game.

Mindglimpse forecasts that this Championship will have a different outcome than predicted by Vegas.  

Currently, Vegas favors the Birmingham Stallions with a record of nine wins and one loss by four and a half points. The Philadelphia Stars’ record is six wins and four losses.

Yet, when comparing the Micro-expression analysis of each starting quarterback to the winning NFL Superbowl quarterbacks, findings suggest that Case Cookus, the Philadelphia Stars quarterback (4), has a significantly different profile than J’Mar Smith (3).

The micro-expressions of Case Cookus are significantly related to Matt Stafford (1) and Joe Burrow (2), the starting quarterbacks in the NFL Super Bowl.

Furthermore, Case Cookus’ micro-expressions are significantly related to Matt Stafford, the winning NFL Super Bowl quarterback.  

Thus, if one were to bet, given the micro-expression analysis, it appears the Philadelphia Stars will upset the Birmingham Stallions. Take the points.

Game Typology: Smith vs. Cookus

For a complete psychological game breakdown comparing all quarterbacks, go to Mindglimpse.com, and don’t forget to share this report with friends.

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