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WebBot One: Giving Voice to the Internet

First Week of April 2022

WebBot One has the sole purpose of scraping the internet and assessing the world’s emotions and thoughts by analyzing words, texts, sentences, paragraphs, and repeated phrases.

The goal of WebBot One is not to forecast outcomes but instead to underscore the relative intensity of internet chatter.

As such, in this first week of April 2022, findings suggest the internet is paying attention to facts and figures to problem-solve world events.

The most significant comments came from those with advanced study beyond college, specifically, thirty-five percent.

The information gathered appears to be stressing both Fear and Anticipation.

The Web dialogue appears to have a Positive/Negative ratio approximating a 60/40 split, and the least used sentiment is Disgust.

WebBot One finds the internet to have a problem regulating emotions and thoughts, suggesting emotional and social impulsivity, reckless behavior, and unstable relationships.

Internet analysis finds most participants on this day to have a dysfunctional self-image.

The contextual analysis indicates War, Putin, and Police are critical elements.

The secondary focus is on Shootings, the Attorney General, and Cultural Wars.

The degree of psychological, emotional, or behavioral discord is 26%.

There is a high degree of manic-sarcasm with religious undertones combined with an increased probability of neurotic behaviors.

The degree of unintentional or intentional misinformation is 25%.

There were five stocks mentioned when scraping the internet: MGM Resorts International, Oracle Corporation, Abbott Laboratories, Raytheon Technologies Corporation, and Zoom Video Communications, Inc.

For a more detailed analysis, go to Mindglimpse.com.

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