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WEBBOT ONE: Third Week, April 2022

Giving Voice to the Internet

Overview of Findings

WebBot One has the sole purpose of scraping the internet and assessing the world’s emotions and thoughts by analyzing words, texts, sentences, paragraphs, and repeated phrases.

The goal of WebBot One is not to forecast outcomes but instead to underscore the relative intensity of internet chatter.

In this third week of April 2022, findings suggest the internet chatter is somewhat neurotic.

Text and sentence structure analysis suggests impulsive and narcissistic tendencies in the general population.

The text stresses Fear, Anticipation, and Sadness. Chatter suggests a high degree of interpersonal conflict.

The degree of psychological, emotional, or behavioral discord is 26%.

The degree of unintentional or intentional misinformation is 43%.

It is common for this profile to be quick to act or engage in risk.

Many secondary searches or phrases indicate irresponsible thoughts and resentful behaviors. Chatter analysis found consistent indications of poor reality testing.

The contextual analysis indicates Russia, Ukraine, and Elon Musk are critical elements.

The secondary contextual analysis found high chatter around Title 42, Netflix, Twitter, and Fires.

Text analysis found high text intensity scores suggesting a high probability of explosive outbursts of aggression.

Surface text analysis found poor judgment and a tendency for substance abuse.

Internet scraping found several stocks of interest. Twitter; Schlumberger Limited; K E holdings; Zynga; iQIYI; United Airlines Holdings; Snap; Carvana; and Alibaba Group Holding Limited.

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Diagnostic Findings: Internet Chatter