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WebBot One: First Week, May 2022

GIVING VOICE TO THE INTERNET OVERVIEW OF FINDINGS WebBot One has the sole purpose of scraping the internet and assessing the world’s emotions and thoughts by analyzing words, texts, sentences, paragraphs, and repeated phrases. The goal of WebBot One is not to forecast outcomes but instead to underscore the relative intensity of internet chatter. In […]

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NFL. Most Requested Games: Week 14

The Steelers are playing away this week against the Vikings. Vegas is giving the Steelers 4 points. According to the artificial intelligence program of Mindglimpse.com, Micro-expression analysis indicates that the Vikings will win and cover the Vegas line.  The Chiefs are playing the Raiders at home this week, and Vegas is giving the Raiders 10 […]

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Cleveland Browns vs. Kansas City Chiefs

According to Micro-expression analysis, the Browns are a five-and-a-half-point underdog. The Chiefs in micro-expression analysis seem to indicate that they focus intently on their available and known resources. However, analysis suggests that this reliability is their weakness because they will experience high frustration with obstacles. This frustration will peak if the Browns hold Travis Kelce […]

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